Chirayu Ayushman Haryana

“Ayushman Card” might refer to a health insurance card provided under a government health insurance scheme known as Ayushman Bharat Pradhan Mantri Jan Arogya Yojana (AB-PMJAY). This scheme is a flagship health insurance program launched by the Government of India to provide financial protection to economically vulnerable families against high medical costs.

If “Haryana Ayushman Card” is being used in a specific context, it could be a variant or implementation of the Ayushman Bharat scheme tailored for the state of Haryana, India. This could involve providing health insurance coverage to eligible residents of Haryana, similar to the national Ayushman Bharat scheme.

Under the Ayushman Bharat scheme, eligible beneficiaries receive a health insurance coverage of up to INR 5 lakh (Indian Rupees) per family per year. This coverage is meant to cover the costs of hospitalization, medical procedures, surgeries, and treatments for various illnesses and medical conditions. Some of the key benefits of the Ayushman Bharat scheme include:

Financial Protection: The scheme aims to provide financial protection to vulnerable families by covering a significant portion of the medical expenses associated with hospitalization and treatments.

  1. Cashless Transactions: Beneficiaries can avail of cashless treatment at empaneled hospitals. This means that the hospital bills are settled directly through the insurance scheme, reducing the financial burden on the patient’s family.
  2. Wide Network of Hospitals: The scheme includes a network of public and private hospitals where eligible beneficiaries can receive treatment.
  3. Comprehensive Coverage: The coverage includes a wide range of medical procedures, surgeries, and treatments across various medical specialties.
  4. No Age Limit: Unlike many health insurance schemes, there is no upper age limit for beneficiaries under the Ayushman Bharat scheme.
  5. No Cap on Family Size: The coverage extends to the entire family, typically defined as up to five members, including the head of the household, spouse, and dependents.

Please note that the details of any specific state-level implementation, such as the “Haryana Ayushman Card,” could vary based on the policies and guidelines of the state government. For the most accurate and up-to-date information about the benefits of the “Haryana Ayushman Card,” I recommend checking with official government sources or local health authorities in Haryana.

As of my last update, the general eligibility criteria for the national AB-PMJAY scheme were:

  1. Socio-Economic Criteria: The scheme aims to cover families that are identified as deprived, economically vulnerable, and socially disadvantaged. These criteria are usually determined based on parameters set by the government.
  2. Family Size: The scheme typically covers families with up to five members. This includes the head of the household, spouse, and dependents.
  3. No Age Limit: There is no upper age limit for beneficiaries. Individuals of all age groups can be covered under the scheme.
  4. No Occupation or Job Requirements: Eligibility is not dependent on the occupation or employment status of the individuals.
  5. Inclusion and Exclusion Criteria: The government might specify certain criteria for inclusion (who is eligible) and exclusion (who is not eligible) based on factors such as income, household status, and existing government schemes.
  6. Urban and Rural Coverage: The scheme aims to provide coverage to both urban and rural populations.

Please note that eligibility criteria can change, and specific details might have been introduced or modified since my last update. To get the most accurate and current information about the eligibility criteria for the “Haryana Ayushman Card,” I recommend reaching out to official government sources, local health departments, or relevant government websites in Haryana. For Haryana News Please Visit

Haryana Ayushman Card Fees

These schemes are typically funded by the government through budget allocations and other sources, and the coverage provided to eligible beneficiaries is meant to be free of cost. However, it’s important to note that program details and policies can vary, and there could have been changes or updates since my last update.


To get the most accurate and up-to-date information about any potential fees associated with the “Haryana Ayushman Card” program, I recommend checking with official government sources, local health authorities, or the relevant state government website for Haryana. They will be able to provide you with the most current information regarding any potential fees or costs related to the program.

How to Apply Haryana Ayushman Card


To apply for the Ayushman Bharat scheme or a similar health insurance program in Haryana, you would generally follow these steps:

  • Check Eligibility: Determine if you meet the eligibility criteria for the scheme. Eligibility criteria can include factors such as income, family size, and socio-economic status.
  • Gather Required Documents: Collect the necessary documents that prove your identity, address, and eligibility. This might include Aadhaar cards, ration cards, income certificates, and other relevant documents.
  • Visit Enrollment Centers: Government health departments or designated enrollment centers typically handle the registration process. Visit the nearest enrollment center to obtain the application form and submit your documents.
  • Fill Out the Application Form: Complete the application form with accurate and up-to-date information. Make sure to provide all the required details.
  • Submit Documents: Submit the completed application form along with the necessary documents to the enrollment center.
  • Verification: Your application and documents will be verified by the authorities to confirm your eligibility.
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  • Card Issuance: If your application is approved, you will receive the “Haryana Ayushman Card” or equivalent card that provides details of your health insurance coverage.
  • Avail of Benefits: Once you have the card, you can avail of the benefits of the health insurance scheme at empaneled hospitals and healthcare facilities.